Monday, January 13, 2014

Caesar Salad Pizza @ Santuario de San Pablo Resort & Spa

This is one thing we love to do while enjoying in front of the swimming pools. I'm talking about no other than eating snacks! So, while waiting for 3:30pm as that was the schedule of our preferred afternoon snack. We stayed at our cabana after enjoying the pools and jacuzzi. For our afternoon snack at Sanctuario de San Pablo Resort & Spa last May 17, 2013, we had Caesar Salad Pizza, French Fries, 2 Coke-in-can and orange juice for my mom.

Caesar Salad Pizza. Yum!
Big serving of Fries

The 8-sliced Caesar Salad Pizza contains BBQ chicken, Caesar Salad dressing, lettuce, bacon bits, parmesan and mozarella cheese. We are so amazed with this pizza as this was our first time eating a pizza version of the famous Caesar salad. It's really tasty and very unique. The pizza crust is somewhat much thinner than the thin crust we used to have in Pizza restaurants. We felt like we are eating tacos that time.

As for the french fries, we are surprised to have a big serving. They are generous enough to serve this snack compared to any other resorts we had tried before. 2 thumbs up for the it!

While we are having our snacks, the heavy rain started to fall. It was a great feeling while we are enjoying it; we were able to see those raindrops on the pools.

The pizza priced at Php350 ($8.75), coke-in-can/orange juice for Php50 each ($1.25), and french fries costs at Php70 ($1.75).

My mom loves the pizza! No wonder she consumed 3 1/2 slices of it while I got 2 1/2 slices of pizza. When it comes to vegetables, she wouldn't reject whatever offered to her. What a happy tummy we had during those times. I am missing it already. Haiz.


  1. I love veggies, maybe I'll appreciate this Caesar salad pizza, too. By the way, where's Sanctuario de San Pablo Resort located?

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